Nancy Raciti
Hi, I am Nancy Raciti.  I live in Boise, Idaho and I am the resident shopkeeper at Grace & Kind. Grace & Kind started in August of 2012. It had a different name and a different look at that time, but its mission has been the same since day one – to encourage kindness.

The evolution to Grace & Kind reminds me that I am saved by grace and I’m on a mission to share the Lord’s love through kindness.

My designs provide a reminder of kindness with each wear. The tees are a conversation starter , often provide an opportunity to share a smile – and maybe even make a new friend.

Kindness. It looks great on everyone!

I appreciate your being here!

With His kindness and mine,

P.S. I am excited about new opportunities and collaborations to further the message of kindness! I’d love to hear from you!